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Hello! Welcome to our blog! Here at Diament Jewelry our latest obsession has been finding High End Antique and Vintage Rings! We have been searching all over the USA and our really happy with our growing collection! Here is a little info on the history behind some of the rings and a few links to our favorites!

Similar to Art History the lifeline of jewelry can be broken down into time periods. The oldest items we have here at Diament Jewelry date back to the Victorian Era.

The Victorian Era spans from 1837-1899. The rings we have from the Victorian era are some of my favorite; they are anywhere from 114 to 176 years old! After much research, and a few years of searching endlessly for antique jewelry, you start to learn that each time period has different styles you can look out for to identify the age Victorian Jewelry has a lot of ornate detail, a softer more organic looking Gold and is usually 10K.  We love the Victorian Jewelry because it is just so romantic! Here is one of my favorite rings in our collection:


The Edwardian style lasts about 20 years! This style spans from 1900-1918! Stones are very popular during these years such as Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires! Stop back into our store to see some Edwardian pieces we are always adding new things!

Most of our readers will probably recognize Art Deco, as it is certainly trending since the release of The Great Gatsby this spring! Most of the original Art deco pieces are about 70-95 years old! Art Deco is known for geometric shapes, bold lines, crystal, bright colors, and decadent ornamentation. These items are so much fun to wear and are sure to catch some attention!This ring as just been added to our collection is absolutely stunning, it is so hard not to keep some of these for myself! Check out one of our favorite Art Deco rings:

We also have some wonderful rings from the 40’s and 50’s that are really unique! Here is a personal favorite:

Thanks for reading! Check back again soon!

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