Brands We Carry

Top 50 Brands We Carry

Slow North   Austin, TX  

Shelby Cecilia   Washington, DC

Designs by Mallory   Annapolis, MD

Rifle Paper Co   Winterpark, FL

Mimi + August   Montreal, Qc Canada

Old Whaling Co   Charleston, SC

Spongelle Beyond Cleansing   Los Angeles, CA

Latika Beauty   Austin, TX

FaceTory   Brea, CA

Keeko   Sydney, AU

Living Royal   

Ashkahn   Los Angeles, CA

Dingus Designs Co   Washington, DC

Boo and Boo Factory   Chicago, IL

AboutFace Designs   Highland Park, IL 

Harper + Ari 

Epic Bound   Kelowna, BC Canada

Fun Club   Monrovia, CA

Mary Frances Accessories   SF Bay Area

Sock Harbor   

Sweet Water Décor   Sewickley, PA


Illuminidol Candles   Austin, TX

Yellow Owl Workshop   San Francisco, CA

The Found   Chicago, IL 

Crafted Van   Vancouver, BC Canada

Gumball Poodle   Los Angeles, CA

The Printed Peanut   Yorkshire, UK

Bonne Maison 

Candy Club   Culver City,CA

Pamela Barsky   NYC, NY

Enamel Co Shop   Tacoma, WA

Ginger June Candle Co   Santa Cruz, CA

Fatty Sundays   Brooklyn, NY

The Neighborgoods   Washington, DC

Little Toader   

Paddywax Candles   Nashville, TN

Soap&Water Newport   Newport, RI

Little Woman Goods   Los Angeles, CA

Bella Tunno   Matthews, NC

Rewined   Charleston, SC

Well Told Design 


Often Wander   San Diego, CA

Junk Dog Salvage   Stuart, FL

Go Yoga

Bailey & James   

Formulary 55   Southern CO

He Said, She Said   Philadelphia, PA

Honest AF Cards   Houston, TX