Baby Burrito Swaddle Blanket

Diament Jewelry

"Hungry for a baby gift that's as practical as it is unique? Swaddling blankets make a great gift. Have you ever watched your sleeping grandpa suddenly jerk himself awake, arms flailing all over the place? Babies do that too. But when a baby is wrapped up all snug and tight, they'll sleep longer and more peacefully. But what makes our swaddling blanket different isn't how we made it just perfect (see below), it's how we made it look like a FAST FOOD BURRITO WRAPPER! We even put different markers on each corner so your baby can be Mild or Spicy, Grande or Pequeño. It's also pretty big, so if you do have a little Grande Supreme, we got you covered. You might need two or three to wrap your jerky old tired grandpa, but I'm sure he'd appreciate it."