Construction Crane Book

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Come join the construction crane on the jobsite. Learn all about the many jobs a crane performs in this toddler book. Rhyming text and fun illustrations are complemented by various touch and feel elements, allowing children to stimulate their sense of touch. And, the sturdy board book is shaped, making it fun for children to pretend to drive the crane after they’re done reading.

  • Learn about the different jobs a construction crane performs, such as moving heavy objects, lifting construction workers, swinging a wrecking ball and more.
  • Features different touch-and-feel elements on the cover and each spread.
  • Colorful, original illustrations are included in this toddler book.
  • Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers.
  • Short rhyming sentences make for a fun read.
  • Toddlers will enjoy the different touch and feel elements.
  • Add a new baby book to a child's library today! 

    Written by Ryan Barone and illustrated by Amy Cartwright.

    Book Details

    • Board book with touch and feel elements
    • 12 Pages 
    • 5.625 inches x 7.5 inches
    • Ages Baby to 6
    • ISBN: 9781953756732