Emalco Yellow Elephant Mug

Diament Jewelry


The Big 5 of Africa – the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt on safari. Therefore, many hunters are willing to pay enormous amounts of money to get a chance for capturing one of these beasts and boast about it.


The population which once reached about 10 million today is about 400,000. In 2016, the trophy hunting industry managed to negotiate a total of 1,000 elephant kills each year. African elephant are a step from being an endangered species.


Now with these beautiful, hand-drawn animals, you can have them at home with no one getting hurt. Each animal is available in 3 colors. Collect them all!

Enamel is a hard material that can survive a lot. However, exposed to a big pressure, it will break (just like glass). Don't throw your enamelware.

17 oz.