Happy Dwarves Lacing Toy

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Children  in the age of 1 – 2 years absolutely adore to pull the toys on the rope after them. They just have started to walk and it’s a fascinating game to have something moving after you. One of the most popular toys of such kind is a train. 

The Cubika team has offered an alternative to traditional gurneys and launched the Happy Dwarves Lacing Toy. It’s the best idea for a perfect gift for a girl. Bright wooden figures in traditional costumes, fabulous houses and a mill strung on a lace will please any child. Convenient wooden handle easily fits in the palm of your hand and will not slip out. The original toy is made of environmentally friendly wood and painted with non-toxic lead free  pigments so you can me totally sure in the child’s safeness. One lacing toy actually can have many variations. The child will be able to string the elements on the rope, choosing the order of placement of the characters. This great gameplay develops fine motor skills, coordination, tactile sensations, visual memory, imagination, imagination and helps to learn colors