I Like Big Mutts Vinyl Decal - Funny Dog Sticker

Sentinel Supply

I Like Big Mutts sticker, 5" wide x 2.4" high (bumper sticker or large laptop decal size). Durable die-cut vinyl decal with a matte UV-resistant coating. Waterproof & weatherproof for indoor & outdoor use. Made in USA. Great impulse buy for gift shops, pet stores, bookstores, and doggy boutiques. I Like Big Mutts, and I cannot lie! This funny sticker is for all those people who love and appreciate their pet no matter what breed. Mixed breed doggos are some of the most loving, loyal, and intelligent pets you can have, so show your love for your mutt with this cute sticker! Featuring 5 adorable dogs of various shapes, sizes, and coats, this cute dog sticker makes a great gift for pet owners, rescue adoption advocates, animal shelter volunteers, and dog lovers. Perfect waterproof decal for Hydroflask water bottles, drink tumblers, insulated mugs, wine glasses, or coolers.