Lamare Wander Always Journal

Diament Jewelry


Throwing a few clothes into a backpack and hopping on a plane destined for an unfamiliar place sounds exciting, romantic, and spontaneous. It’s also hugely stressful.

Chances are you like a little security when you travel, especially if you plan to cover a lot of ground on one trip. You love adventure, but not in the form of missed flights or last-minute hotel bookings.

Extract every morsel of awesomeness from that trip you’ve been dreaming about for years with your Wander Always Travel Planner:

  • Plan a budget for your travels.
  • Coordinate transportation, hotels and event bookings.
  • Ramp up your excitement with inspirational travel quotes.
  • Create personalized checklists for packing and pre-trip to dos.
  • Journal every juice detail of your trip (so you don’t forget anything).

This compact travel planner and journal is made with ethically harvested paper and a hard cover swathed in eco vegan leather. Slips into your backpack to go everywhere you go.