Lodestone Candle Winter Berry & Cyprus

Diament Jewelry


Early American settlers saved created and saved bayberry candles them for special occasions - it was a luxury to be saved and relished. It became tradition to burn bay berry candles on Christmas or New Years Eve to bring blessings of abundance in the upcoming year. Giving the gift of bayberry candles was a way of wishing health and prosperity upon friends and family. While our version is made of soy, we've rift on the theme. Top Notes Eucalyptus and Mint Middle Notes Cypress, Bayberry and Moss Base Incense and Fir. Inspired by the cupboards of fine early American homes, the vintage green vessel ads instant personality to any room. Our labels are produced on a 1921 Chander & Price letterpress in Chestertown, Maryland. The labels provide an irresistible shelf presence. 100% soy wax, phthalate-free premium fragrance and essential oils; hand poured in Kent County on Maryland's Easter
Made in United States of America