Pine Forest Light Within Candle Co, 8 oz Jar

Diament Jewelry

Like spending the weekend hiking in the Adirondacks, this fragrant pine-scented candle is perfect for nature lovers everywhere.

Illuminate your life with this handmade scented soy candle, made with natural fragrance infused with pine essential oil and lead-free cotton eco wicks. Each small batch of Light Within Candle Co soy candles are phthalate and paraben free, contain 100% soy wax, and are vegan friendly.

Hand poured into minimalist straight-sided clear glass jars with a delicate metal screw top lid to keep your candle fresh, aromatic and dust free. Perfect for sacred self-care rituals, on the bedside table next to your favorite stack of books, or on the mat after your yoga or meditation practice.

Made in Rochester, New York, Light Within Candle Co. promises quality, eco-friendly, clean burning candles perfect for any home or travel bag.