Poop There it is Potty Training Book



Every child soon will know that with that feeling it's time to go! That's right - POOP, There It Is! 

Follow along as we rhyme our way in and out of the bathroom and toward potty success with #2! This fun series features a squishy foam poop-shaped insert affixed to the last page. Interactive fun promotes motor skills and keeps little ones engaged.

  • Little ones can learn tips about how to use the potty from their animal friends.
  • Bright, colorful illustrations of adorable animals, such as a dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, and more, learning to use the bathroom.
  • Fun story with short, rhyming sentences make for a quick read.
  • Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers.
  • Toddlers will enjoy stimulating their senses with the squishy foam poop-shaped insert.
  • Add a new baby book to a child's library today!

                                    Written by Ryan Barone and illustrated by Mel Matthews

                                     Book Details

                                    • Board Book with attached poop-shaped insert
                                    • 12 pages
                                    • 6.25 inches x 8.25 inches
                                    • Ages Baby to 6
                                    • ISBN: 9781957842752