Spritz Essential Oil Breathe Deeply Small Spray

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Breathe Deeply essential oil spray is an invigorating and cooling mix of organic peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil (and other 100% pure steam distilled essential oils).

This aromatherapy blend is soothing, cooling, stimulating and refreshing and naturally antibacterial.  Peppermint essential oil helps with stress, and provides you with relief from seasonal allergies and colds.  Perfect for the office keep to keep you alert and feeling refreshed throughout your busy day. 

• keynotes: organic peppermint + eucalyptus
• benefits: cooling, invigorating, purifying, stimulating, refreshing, antibacterial
• ingredients: a proprietary blend of 100% steam distilled essential oils including organic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil. poly suga mulse d9 (100% naturally derived emulsifier).
• use: face + body  *avoid direct contact with eyes
• size: 3.4oz/100ml frosted glass amber bottle 

Spritz (2-3 sprays) directly on your face + body to naturally cool and soothe your skin.