Care Packages

During the pandemic, we started working with customers to send care packages.

They went viral locally here in DC and we sold over 650 care packages in 2020. They helped to keep us in business during a difficult time.

The feedback that we hear is that they made people happy! Over and over, we heard that they are just as fun to send as they are to receive.


We work with you to create the perfect package that we can ship directly to the recipient. There are 2 ways to do this.

First, we find out the budget and second, we ask a bit about the person receiving the package. 

1) We can curate the package for you with some of our best sellers. We are pros at knowing what most of our customers love. We use your notes and instructions on what types of things the person loves to find the perfect items.

2) We put together several package ideas based on the instructions that we receive. We provide rounds of photos and ideas until you feel that we have put together the perfect package. We can do this through email or Instagram.

We then ship the package, with a note from you. The receiver open the care package and their day is instantly made, we promise! 


During the pandemic, these care packages kept us in business. We are so grateful for all of the customers that purchased one from us or shared them. We couldn't have made it through that hard time without the support from our amazing customers. 

We feel very grateful that we survived a difficult time and also so excited that these care packages continue to be loved! 

We find that customers are coming back again and again because they are a small way to bring a lot of joy to someone.