Diament is a line of vintage and handmade jewelry.

Libby creates handmade items but also has a love for old stock vintage parts. So, it's really a mix of all styles and there is something for everyone.

The line started in 2010 and is now carried at about 30 boutiques around the country.

You can find the full line at their brick and mortar stores in Washington D.C. You will find everything from delicate jewelry to statement necklaces to fashion earrings.

We also other small handmade brands in the boutique stores in DC. 


Old stock jewelry is vintage that is typically 30 years older or more that has never been worn or used. There are vintage jewelry warehouses that exist in the United States to source old stock parts.

The term new old stock is common as well as the term deadstock. 


We use sterling silver and gold filled materials in many necklaces as well as plated chains.

On the vintage styles, most is brass and gold or silver plated.

Please reach out if you ever questions about our materials.

Most bracelets are gold or silver plated. Earrings are a variety of materials. Rings are mostly gold plated or silver plated. 


We have an extensive Etsy site with over 2000 items so take a peak over there as well!

There have been over 50,000 items sold on Etsy!

We list many of our one of a kind jewelry pieces on Etsy.