Animal shoulder bag for children - Asnée Rose

Yuko B

Asnée Rose, the animal shoulder bag for children, is a charming companion for your little treasures. With its design inspired by mermaids, it evokes the grace and magic of the deep sea. The delicate details of the filigree scales add a touch of magic to this bag, allowing for an accessory that will amaze your child. This shoulder bag is not only adorable but also practical. It offers plenty of space for your child to store their little treasures and carry everything they need on their adventures. Its adjustable shoulder strap ensures optimal comfort and allows your child to wear it easily. This bag is perfect for outings, games, and even for special occasions. Perfect for: Children - girl - 3/8 years - Occasions - Weddings - Walks - Walks - Spring - Summer - Fashion - Shopping - Easter - Birthday - Gift - Gift - Children's gift - French brand