Animal shoulder bag for children - koala Yumi Rose

Yuko B

Yumi Rose, the koala shoulder bag is both girly and adorable. With its durable material specially designed for children and embroidered details that give it an elegant finish, Yumi is both practical and charming. Its zippered compartment makes it easy to store all of your child's small things. This bag can be worn over the shoulder or over the shoulder, thanks to its length-adjustable strap. Yumi has a younger sister named Yori, to be discovered without further delay! These bags are ideal for accompanying your child on all their adventures. With their animal design and practical functionality, they will be the perfect companions for your child. Perfect for: Children - girl - 3/8 years - Occasions - Weddings - Walks - Walks - Spring - Summer - Fashion - Shopping - Easter - Birthday - Gift - Gift - Children's gift - French brand