Custom Care Package

Diament Jewelry


We will send a special care package to whomever you would like. These make a great gift and bring lots of joy. Perhaps someone is going through a difficult time or you want to celebrate a special moment in life.

We Offer 2 Options for These Care Packages

1) We can choose the items for you based on any information provided. We can also use our best sellers that everyone loves.

2) We can work with you through email to select the perfect items with you. We will find the right items with your help!

See sample packages here or on our instagram page: @diamentjewelry

Contact Us With Details

Please reach out to us with instructions or we will full-fill the order using our discretion. You can leave a note on the order or email These have been absolutely loved by our customers. Opening one of these packages is the best experience. This is the perfect way to show someone that you care.