Fish shoulder bag - for kids - Lulli The Fish

Yuko B

Lulli The Fish, your kids' sparkly companion, is ready to accompany them on their aquatic adventures! This fish-shaped shoulder bag is a real 2023 novelty that will amaze young and old alike. With its shimmering scales and bright colors, Lulli The Fish brings a touch of softness and magic. This shoulder bag for kids is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and convenience. Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, it adapts perfectly to the size of your child. Its spacious main compartment makes it easy to store all your essentials. Plus, its secure closure ensures that nothing gets lost during lively getaways. Lulli The Fish embodies adventure and imagination, encouraging creative play and aquatic stories. Perfect for: Children - girl - 3/8 years - Occasions - Weddings - Walks - Walks - Spring - Summer - Fashion - Shopping - Easter - Birthday - Gift - Gift - Children's gift - French brand