Zodiac Collection Mini Stone Packs



Zodiac Mini Stone Pack: Front cover of box features the zodiac constellation and stones included. Inner cover describes crystal properties and the back cover describes zodiac sign attributes. The mini size makes it perfect for gifts. Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″     

12 styles available, sold individually:

Aquarius: Quartz and Amethyst The Aquarius personality traits include independence, intelligence, wit, and a focus on humanitarianism. Ruling planets: Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter Element: Air

Pisces: Quartz and Lapis Pisceans are intuitively wise, compassionate, and creative beings who easily make friends. Ruling planets: Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto Element: water

Aries: Quartz and Hematite Aries attributes include determination, excellent organizational skills, and using one’s talents. They are honest and passionate, with youthful energy. Ruling planets: Mars, Mercury, and Uranus Element: Fire

Taurus: Quartz and Rose Quartz Attributes of the Taurus include reliability, practicality, and steadfastness. They enjoy being surrounded by tactile beauty. Ruling planets: Venus and Vulcan Element: Earth

Gemini: Quartz and Citrine The highly curious Gemini are social and adaptable beings. They enjoy travel, meeting new people, and self-expression. Ruling planets: Mercury, Venus, and Earth Element: Air

Cancer: Quartz and Lepidolite Cancers are deeply sensitive, caring, and imaginative beings. They have much empathy for others, seeking love and harmony in life. Ruling planets: Moon and Neptune Element: Water

Leo: Quartz and Carnelian Attributes of a Leo include creativity, loyalty, and leadership. Very connected to the love-wisdom ray of the Sun, they shine effortlessly. Ruling planets: Sun, Neptune, and Uranus Element: Fire

Virgo: Quartz and Picture Jasper Virgos are practical, loyal, and analytical by nature. They are dedicated to details and enjoy helping animals and people. Ruling planets: Mercury, Moon, Vulcan, and Jupiter Element: Earth

Libra: Quartz and Bloodstone Libras are quite peaceful, social, and enjoy being in nature. They believe in fairness and seek living in the middle way. Ruling planets: Venus, Uranus, and Saturn Element: Air

Scorpio: Quartz and Ruby Zoisite Scorpios live with great senses of passion, determination, and resourcefulness. They have the capacity to bring joy and contentment to those around them. Ruling planets: Mars, Pluto, and Mercury Element: Water

Sagittarius: Quartz and Sodalite Sagittarians are known for their flexibility and flow easily with change. They are enthusiastic, idealistic, and philosophical in nature. Ruling planets: Jupiter, Earth, and Mars Element: Fire

Capricorn: Quartz and Tiger Eye Capricorns are great leaders, being disciplined and fond of structure. They have strong connections to music and traditions. Ruling planets: Saturn and Venus Element: Earth