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The New York Times!

We are so thrilled to be included in the Sunday edition of The New York Times today! This is such an honor and had such a fun time working with them on a story. Jane Margolies did a wonderful job on the article. We have a true passion for vintage jewelry and we are so happy to share our story about how we find some of our treasures. You can read the article here!

Vintage Ring History

Hello! Welcome to our blog! Here at Diament Jewelry our latest obsession has been finding High End Antique and Vintage Rings! We have been searching all over the USA and our really happy with our growing collection! Here is a little info on the history behind some of the rings and a few links to our favorites! Similar to Art History the lifeline of jewelry can be broken down into time periods. The oldest items we have here at Diament Jewelry date back to the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era spans from 1837-1899. The rings we have from the Victorian...